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Vasel Electric Alvand with Parsa brand

Vasel Electric Alvand Company, with the aim of meeting part of the needs of domestic industries and improving the quality of the country's electricity industry, was launched in 1992 and launched its products under the brand name "Parsa". The company initially started its activity with the production of sockets and industrial branches (Industrial Plugs & Sockets) and over time, while becoming the largest domestic producer of sockets and industrial branches (16-125 amps) and leading the market, expanded the basket. It manufactured its products and all kinds of electrical equipment enclosures, electrical boxes, electrical panels and products. During its years of activity, the company has been able to establish the position of Parsa brand as one of the leading suppliers of electrical connections in the country's electricity industry.



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Useful Information

IEC-60309 standard

According to the IEC international standard, specific colors and specific position must be used for ground connection at different voltages and frequencies.

Power Box Guide

How to choose an electrical enclosure that fits your needs?

Comprehensive guide to sockets and industrial branches

How to choose the socket and plug that suits your needs?

Application of Parsa products

Parsa with a wide range of applications in the service of various domestic industries

Parsa products meet part of the needs of various industries such as light, heavy, agriculture, transportation, food, etc.

Quality control laboratory

Vasel Electric is the first holder of quality control laboratory in accordance with IEC60309-1 / 2 international standards

In accordance with the international standard IEC-6039 and national standard 7212

Degree of IP protection

Parsa products, with IP44 / 66/67 protection degree

What is an IP Code?

The IP code indicates the degree of protection of an electrical product against the intrusion of foreign hard objects and water.


ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 9001: 2015

National Standard of Iran

National Standard of Iran



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"Quality, reasonable price and easy access to products"


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